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    From huawei or aviation brand – lc-lc manufacturers, factory, suppliers from china, we can do your customized order to meet your own satisfactory! our company sets up several departments, including production department, sales department, quality control department and sevice center, etc.
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    Design engineers or buyers might want to check out various gpon factory & manufacturers, who offer lots of related choices such as plc splitter, fiber optic splitter and splitter. you can also customize gpon orders from our oem/odm manufacturers.
  • Huawei-spl1202 rack-mounted optical splitter

    Spl1202 series of rack-mounted optical splitter is designed by modular structure and installed on the odf and fdt to implement the optical splitting function. the spl1202 series include 1u and 2u optical splitter and the splitting ratio covers n:2~n:64(n=1, 2).
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  • Huawei plc splitter, huawei plc splitter ...

    Recommended product factory sell 1x2 fiber optic splitter and coupler/1x2 optical plc splitter for huawei 1x2 optical fiber splitter/plc splitter/1x2 coupler manufactured by anc international co. , limited are available in the form of either plastic module cassette (an abs box) with ruggedized fiber jackets of 2mm and up to 3mm, or lgx metal box for plug and play splitter applications.
  • Huawei-spl9102 bare optical splitter

    Spl9102 series of bare optical splitter is a compact size and installed in the splitting tray and splicing tray of the closure to implement the optical splitting function. the splitter has different splitting ratio which covers n:2~n:32 (n=1, 2) and 1:64.